Pinball EDU Charity, 501(c)3



Our mission is to utilize the wonderful and unique game of Pinball for the social enrichment, skill development and education of kids and young adults.

Why Pinball?

  • Opportunities for both individual focused skill development and more social group play.
  • Uniquely integrates kinesthetic, visual, and auditory components in a game format.
  • Encourages fine motor, gross motor, motor planning, visual motor, and bilateral coordination skill development through play.
  • Nostalgic Appeal: Generations can be brought together sharing a pastime they once enjoyed as kids.
  • Easily Accessible: Community access through local arcades, museums, etc.

and … its fun for the whole family.

What We Do

  • Partner with events to engage the general public for awareness and new client discovery.
  • Establish certified training and mentoring programs for community-based pinball locations that educate families about the therapeutic benefits of pinball play.
  • Assist in academic research.
  • Place pinball machines with families that have a child with Autism or Down’s Syndrome.

Our Current Initiatives

The Center for Pinball Education

  • In 2017, we will be opening a flagship location in Frederick, Maryland (just outside Washington D.C.) for school field trips, professional training, outreach programs, and data collection. The center will function as the hub for our professional training and outreach programs, provide direct therapeutic/educational pinball access to our target population as well as the general public, and enable us to begin to partner with local institutions to collect data and validate the therapeutic use of pinball as an evidence based treatment.