Pinball EDU Charity, 501(c)3

The Pinball Education Center

Our main initiative for 2017 is the opening of our flagship location in Frederick, Maryland.  Our Pinball Education Center will serve families in DC, Virginia and Maryland.

The Pinball Education Center will provide us with the space we need to begin many local and national projects. We will be able to demonstrate pinball’s effectiveness in developing important life skills like motor planning and socialization through our individual and group programs.

It will also give us the opportunity to begin engaging the local community in data collection and research to validate the use of pinball for STEM education and therapeutic intervention.


Therapeutic Pinball

Pinball is an excellent tool for skill development. It’s based in play, the primary occupational role of a child and therefore intrinsically motivating. As a game, pinball engages the child in active play and creates a welcome distraction from the traditional demands of therapeutic exercise. It  provides significant opportunities to practice and improve gross and fine motor skills and coordinated movements, especially those involved in vision. And of course, it’s an incredibly fun game that can be naturally incorporated into a social activity or a broader social skills program.


“Pinball can be used to motivate, teach, and build critical developmental skills for children.”

STEM Hands-on Pinball Museum

The Pinball Education Center will support science, technology, engineering, and math education through its many educational programs. Our center will serve as a destination for field trips for DC, Maryland, and Virginia area schools, a hands-on family arcade and museum, and will pilot an after school program for local youth.


One Center, So Many Benefits

This center will function as the hub for our professional training and outreach programs, provide direct therapeutic/educational pinball access to our target population as well as the general public, and enable us to begin to partner with local institutions to collect data and validate the therapeutic use of pinball as an evidence based treatment.

Joe P. Said
Executive Director/Founder
Pinball EDU Charity, 501(c)3 #47-2840921